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Shrink Fit Technology - HAIMER Power Clamp

shrinking mood power clamp premium i4.0 application-image-web | © HAIMER

For years, HAIMER has been leading in the development of inductive shrink technology for tool holders. Many patents, mainly in the area of inductive coils, are visible proof for innovation and progress.

The patented coil technology in conjunction with the intelligent power electronics form the core of HAIMER shrink fit technology.

Perfectly coordinated assembly groups and electronic components make sure that only the clamping area of the chuck is heated in the shrinking process.

This reduces the shrinking and cooling cycle to a minimum.



shrinking mood cooling and shrinking application image-web | © HAIMER

With the Power Clamp range, HAIMER provides its shrink-fit chucks with a comprehensive and well thought out range of devices of inductive shrink fit machines. By doing so, you profit from the fact that HAIMER perfectly coordinates shrink fit machines and chucks in its own production.

The spectrum of the machines ranges from the beginner model, Power Clamp Basic, to the high-end device Power Clamp Premium Plus. Use the world’s largest range of products of shrink fit machines and coils.

shrinking power clamp basic line power clamp nano power clamp basic image-web | © HAIMER


Concentrating on the basics.

The Basic Line is the economical entrance into inductive shrink fit technology.
The power electronics enables problem free shrinking. The mechanical construction of the equipment has, on the other hand, been kept deliberately simple and functional. There are just single chuck solutions.

The Basic Line equipment is exclusively designed for operation with standard coils. It is not possible to upgrade.

The Basic Line is ideal for the price-conscious user, who only wants to shrink a few tools on a daily basis.
For micro machining purposes the special horizontal shrink fit machine Power Clamp Nano is part of the program. It combines perfectly easy tool handling of small diameters and fast tool exchange.

shrinking power clamp profi line power clamp economic power clamp comfort ng modularsystem-image-web | © HAIMER


Modular Versatility

The Profi Line offers the full range of performance and is unbeatable in efficiency. High performance coils, contact cooling and a rotary table guarantees simultaneous shrinking and cooling in record time. No wishes remain unfulfilled.
The machines of the Profi Line work with both the standard coils and the intelligent, comfortable NG coils. Of course, the equipment recognizes each coil and chooses the correct shrink fit parameters automatically.

The shrink fit machines of the Profi Line form a modular system. The start-up Power Clamp Economic machine can gradually be upgraded to the high-end Power Clamp Comfort NG.

shrinking power clamp i4.0 line power clamp nano i4.0 power clamp premium i4.0 image-web | © HAIMER


Network-compatible and communicative

In addition to the well-known machines of the Basic and Profi Line, the all-new Industry 4.0-ready and network-compatible series was developed with its Power Clamp Premium i4.0, Sprint i4.0, Preset i4.0, Air i4.0, Comfort i4.0 and Nano i4.0 models.

The machines are equipped with a workshop friendly 7" touch display and new intuitive software, which makes machine operation with or without gloves even easier. Upon request, the Power Clamp i4.0 devices can also be equipped with a hand-held scanner that is able to read the shrinking parameters of Data-Matrix codes. This way automated shrinking is easier than ever before.

The new and ergonomic shrinking stations have a modern and high-quality design. Due to their patented NG coil, they are suited for both solid carbide and HSS tools with diameters from 3 to 32 mm.



shrinking accessories power clamp system cart base holder mini shrink cooling sleeve cooling adapter blanks chuck support image-web | © HAIMER


We provide you with an extensive range of accessories for our Power Clamp series. From simple length presetting to flue gas extraction or induction coil, we offer you everything for an effective addition to your shrink device.

Power Clamp - Shrink Fit Technology

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