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Top 10 reasons to use HAIMER Tool Dynamic

HAIMER Tool Dynamic can give you the edge that will allow you to sustain a long-term competitive advantage for your company

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1. Longer Tool Life
On average, balanced tools (solid round tools and inserts) last 20% longer when the entire tooling assembly is balanced. Depending on the amount of unbalance, the tool life increase can be much greater.

2. Faster Speeds
Poor sound from vibration is often the reason faster speeds are not realized. Balanced assembly’s permit 10~15% faster spindle speeds without degradation of sound or tool life.

3. Repeatable Tool Performance
The elimination of vibration dramatically reduces problems like chatter and tool chipping, thereby stabilizing tool performance and making lights out machining possible.

4. Longer Spindle Life
Unbalance in a tool assembly creates excessive centrifugal forces that can damage spindle bearings. Such damage reduces spindle life and can lead to costly unplanned downtime.

5. Better Surface Finishes
Unbalance creates excessive vibration that can be translated to the finished part in the form of chatter and poorer finishes. To achieve the best finish, balance the full assembly.

6. Improved Accuracy
At higher speeds, unbalance can actually induce runout during rotation where none was measured statically. Without balance, the solution is slower speeds and less productivity.

7. Fewer Tool Changes
When tool life increases 20 to 100%, tool changing over time is reduced. This means less time for tool changes in the tool room.

8. Accurate Process
A solid concrete base construction, centrifugal force sensors for measuring, patented spindle that clamps the tools identical to the machine tool, and a simple/reliable machine calibration process.

9. Ease of Use
Simple software and clear compensation options (removing or displacing weight) make the balancing process fast and simple for all users.

10. Industry 4.0 Success
Industry 4.0 is all about using gathered data to automate changes on the fly that optimize the machining process. Without balance, the optimal machining logic will ultimately require a reduction of speeds until the problem is resolved, thereby reducing productivity.


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