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Solid carbide end mills


The four different HAIMER MILL Series for cutting tools have been developed for different applications, starting with the HAIMER MILL line, our strong alround tool -  to the HAIMER MILL Power Series, for demanding milling strategies - or the special HAIMER MILL Alu Series - up to the HAIMER MILL HF Series for high feed rate speeds in steel applications - this is where you find the right tool for pour machining operations. 

mill vollhartmetall haimer | © HAIMER

HAIMER MILL – solid carbide end mills

The HAMER MILL line focuses on the essentials in terms of product characteristics and represents our entry level cutting tool when it comes to efficient machining. Simultaneously, it offers through HAIMER quality the best price-performance ratio possible. HAIMER MILL solid carbide end mills can be used in almost all materials and are primarily suitable for roughing and finishing operations. A huge variety of chamfering end mills completes the HAIMER MILL line portfolio.


  • Shank tolerance: h6
  • Neck for higher cutting depth
  • Center cutting
  • Runout < 10 μm
  • Available with straight shank, Safe-Lock or Weldon shank
2mill power series haimer | © HAIMER

HAIMER MILL Power Series – solid carbide end mill

With the HAIMER MILL Power Series we offer a solid carbide end mill program for demanding milling strategies corresponding to our tool holder program. They have been designed for universal applications in various materials. Especially in steel applications the geometries convince with their long tool life and a consistent high surface quality.

The HAIMER MILL Power Series is based on a pure submicron carbide grade with excellent transverse rupture strength (T.R.S.) combined with the most modern coating technology (e.g. AlTiN-based PVD coating).

All HAIMER MILL Power Series end mills are fine balanced and available with the well-known Safe-Lock pull out protection system from shank diameter 6 mm onwards – for highest process reliability in milling. 


  • Shank tolerance: h6
  • Neck for higher cutting depth
  • Center cutting
  • Runout < 10 μm
  • Available with straight shank, Safe-Lock or Weldon shank
3 mill alu sereies haimer  | © HAIMER

HAIMER MILL Alu Series – solid carbide end mill

The HAIMER MILL Alu Series end mills have been developed for applications in aluminium. However, these cutting tools are also recommended for machining brass, copper and plastic.

The micro-geometry of these milling cutters is specially designed for smooth running and surface finish. These cutting tools are suitable for high cutting speeds and feed rates. They generate high removal rates and can therefore be used in roughing and finishing applications.

HAIMER MILL Alu Series is fine balanced and provides maximum reliability at high speeds thanks to their vibration-free running.

For materials with highly abrasive character, the HAIMER C coating is recommended. This wear-resistant, titanium-free PVD coating increases the life time of the cutting tools.

4mill series haimer | © HAIMER

HAIMER MILL HF Series - solid carbide end mills

The solid carbide end mills of the HAIMER MILL HF Series have been developed for the highest feed rate speeds in steel applications. In addition, the tools can be used for applications in stainless steel, cast iron, aluminium alloys, titanium alloys and hardened steel.

Due to the special face geometry, maximum feed rates can be achieved with simultaneous dissipation of the axial forces in the direction of the spindle axis, which ensures optimum load distribution.

Air or coolant can be fed through central cooling bores of the cutting tool. This prevents chip accumulation, cools the cutting edge reliably and thus, increases the tool life.

Because of a very high runout accuracy of < 5 μm and a balance quality of less than 1 gmm, the milling cutters are also ideally suited for highest speeds and therefore protect your machine tool by low vibration inclination.


  • Shank tolerance: h5
  • Neck for higher cutting depth
  • Runout < 5 μm
  • Inner cooling


Common milling strategies are e.g. face milling, corner milling, groove milling, profile milling. All milling cutters of the HAIMER Mill Series are a good choice when face milling or corner milling. HAIMER MILL milling cutters are also particularly reliable during groove milling due to their cutting edge geometry. HAIMER Mill Power Series full radius and corner radius milling cutters are suitable for profile milling, as their narrow radius tolerance produces particularly high contour fidelity & fine surfaces. 


HAIMER milling cutters are also suitable for demanding milling strategies. In our product range you will find the right milling cutter for your production. HAIMER milling cutters ensure fast, precise machining and beautiful surfaces. 

For HPC strategies (High Performance Cutting) for high material removal rates, you need stable milling cutters. The HAIMER Mill Power Series is characterized by increased stability and concentricity. Choose a cutter with a long neck for a longer cutting depth.

For HSC strategies (High Speed Cutting) with particularly high speeds, we recommend our customers to choose balanced milling cutters, because a high balancing quality and thus a low-vibration concentricity not only increases the service life of your tool, but also ensures high-quality surface results. All Power Series milling cutters are finely balanced < 1 gmm and have a concentricity of < 5 μm.

Highly dynamic milling is a milling strategy also known as trochoidal milling or trochoid milling. With this strategy, you pursue the goal of achieving high cutting depths with high feed rates at the same time. Due to constant center chip thickness, this strategy is particularly gentle on the cutting edge of the milling cutter, which has a positive effect on its service life.The high cutting depth results in long chips. To ensure process reliability, we recommend a milling cutter with chip breaker function. The chips are reduced, which leads to improved chip removal in the milling process. 

Our tip: choose an end mill with Safe-Lock technology to counteract high axial extension forces.



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